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Mumbai Mayhem

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Mumbai Mayhem


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Obama victorious

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Obama victorious

Bond with a vengeance

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Bond with a vengeance



"Earn Money By Placing A Banner"

01.46 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 3 Responses
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eighTsuN Contact

01.13 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 0 Responses

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Please Forgive Me

10.46 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 0 Responses
I do not know what happened, when I opened my blog account, there is a warning that my blog is blog spam, I am confused what to do I just want to try to be a successful blogger like my friend, eko-Sulistio.

What might be the way I do it wrong? and this is my apology to the Google team to excuse me that is still young in this field. Hopefully google team willing to forgive me.

I promise not to repeat it again and try to become a true blogger.


Audi A3: the affordable luxury

09.34 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 0 Responses
Audi A3 appears to be slated as smaller version of what we call really luxury segment cars in larger size and heady features. That in essence, it tends to meet with demands of luxury within affordable category. But, positively, it has a come to be more distinct in features than ever with passing years. It is impressive on fuel consumption. It looks classy with elegance of body styles. Above all it features a number of up market valuable conveniences as are provided in true representatives of large luxury vehicles, internally and externally. Audi has liberalized use of Quattro technology and 7-speed S tronic transmission provisions in A3s to bring it up as smaller version of celebrated luxuries rolling out of its factories. Whole range of A3s has attained good count of 15% less CO2 emission. That brings A3s closer to increased environmental friendliness, in comparison to its previous versions as well competing brands in similar category.

Audi A3 is not a car for ultra high pick up and speeds, as are its big cousins in luxury class. Suspension on the car is good for adequate road grip and quieter engine provides comfortable drive, even in long drives or shopping purpose. That all goes for its re-engineered engine and designing for styling and utility. Driver's console is elegantly laid out with better designs and dial placement in most attractive ways. To make it a roomy car for comforts, Audi engineers have exerted much designing combinations to arrive at the final shape and internal placement locations. Luggage space is larger than its older versions. Newer versions of A3s include Audi A3 Sportsback, Audi S3 Sportback, Audi A3 1.6 TDI, Audi S3 and Audi A3 Cabriolet. By and large, sharp eye catching body styling applies to all of these versions. Internal fittings are quite significant, speaking of its class in Audi family. For safety, air bags are provided in front for the driver and passenger. Front seat also has headrest to protect from cervical injury. A3 Sportback is has richness of innovative features for driving pleasure along with host of safety. It also harbours unique feature of Parallel Park Assistance, which besides parking, considers for reversing it. Audi S3 is good at acceleration with option for Audi Magnetic Ride feature besides whole lot of appreciable performance. On an overall basis, 1.6-litre TDI engines fitted on A3s work for setting new standards for emission of CO2 thus falling in the range of environmental friendly vehicles. These engines are rated to attain high acceleration speed, from 0 to 62 in a little over 5 seconds.

Other features in general include Driver Information System that tells about activated features at any moment as well guides when to change gear. Beautiful feature of recuperation or recovery, charges the battery with extra energy released when brake is applied. All the versions of A3 are fitted with alloy wheels on 18 inches wheel base but, the look can be enhanced by opting for spoke wheels used in 'S' class of Audis.


"Indonesia Renewable Energy"

09.09 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 0 Responses
1.3 Million New Connections Per Year through 2025

Indonesia can't afford to stop paddling to new shores.

It's not all smooth going when it comes to the international renewable energy transition, but commitment is a must. Indonesia is one example of an important country in transition where we're looking at all the positive and negative signals to find investment angles.

Made up of over 17,000 islands in the Indian Ocean, this archipelago nation owes its modern existence to integration and access.

But local observers are worried that Indonesia's progress toward its own presidential renewable energy goals is moving too slow.

Only 64% of Indonesian households have access to electricity, and with Asia-Pacific nations all around it ramping up RE development, Indonesia's economy could end up between islands without an oar.

Indonesia has been Southeast Asia's leading oil producer, but like many of its petroleum peers, production is in steady decline.

The U.S. Department of Energy's international supply statistics show Indonesia with only 1 million barrels per day of output in 2008, compared to 1.6 million bpd in 1992.

Indonesia's oil consumption, though, rocketed from about 700,000 bpd to 1.16 million bpd over the same sixteen years!

That put it in the awkward position of being an OPEC member that actually dipped into net importer status in 2008. Indonesia withdrew its membership that same year, but it likely would have been forced out if it hadn't.

Indonesia has no time to lick its wounds after having to exit the world's most exclusive price club. Estimated average GDP growth of about 4.6% over the next five years means there's no rest for the weary when it comes to finding new energy resources.

35% of the Population Now "Excluded from Development"

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must address the fact that 36% of Indonesians have no electricity, according to economist Terry Lacey in the August 24th edition of the online Asia Sentinel.

Not only is it a question of access to electricity. . . On the heels of two July bombings in the capital city Jakarta, Lacey points out an uncomfortable energy link for this rapidly developing country with the world's largest Muslim population (over 237 million):

"Without electricity, a third of Indonesians are excluded from development, which is a precondition for defeating terrorism."

In the Jakarta Post on August 12, National Development and Planning Agency Director Monty Girianna proffered the government's latest plan while copping to an amazing fact:

Though 91% of Indonesia's 70,000 villages have access to either grid-connected or stand-alone electricity resources, only two-thirds of residences can tap local supplies.

That's a gaping hole in the country's end-user energy market - a gaping infrastructure hole at best, and a national security powder keg at worst.
Here are a few of the marks President Yudhoyono wants Indonesia to meet over the next few decades, according to Monty Girianna:

* 2.4 million kiloliters of biofuel from sources like jatropha and palm oil will be produced as soon as 2010, replacing 10% of diesel fuel consumption. That will grow to 20% by 2025. * Bioethanol production should equal 15% of gasoline consumption by 2025. And perhaps above all. . . * 95% of households will have electricity by 2025, requiring 1.3 million new connections per year.

Now, targets can be great press, but detailed initiatives do a lot more to draw investment and optimism.

That being said, stringing all those unserved or underserved island homes together is an infrastructure challenge that few other countries have faced.

But in Indonesia's environs, there are countries like Australia and China that are moving quickly to develop products and protocols that can help Indonesia achieve its goals.

Asia-Pacific Energy Forecast

Business Monitor International's Q3 2009 Indonesia Power Report says that thermal (coal) power accounted for 78.5% of the Asia-Pacific region's power supply as of year-end '08.

Yet, despite growth of 25.7% between 2008 and 2013, coal's share of the APAC energy market is actually projected to drop by that year.

Why is coal coming down even though millions more regional residences are coming online and promising to further drain total capacity?

The answer is that renewable energy initiatives across Asia are promoting energy-efficient appliances and promoting policies that make clean energy competitive with fossil fuels.

We've told you recently about India's 20 GW by 2020 solar capacity goal and the coming 2000% bump in the Japanese solar power market. Those require concerted nationwide efforts that involve cleantech industries and old-guard utilities that are adjusting to a renewable energy reality.

Indonesia's national utility, PLN, is drawing heat for its inability to incorporate generation projects, like rooftop solar, which will fall below 10 MW of production.

That could cripple the presidential decree to push clean energy to 30% of consumption by 2035 - up from only 5% today.

Instead of OPEC membership and innovation-driven energy abundance through cleantech, Indonesia could be facing energy poverty.

National Council on Climate Change Vice Chairman Armi Susandi says that far from erstwhile OPEC membership, the country's oil supplies will be close to gone in 17 years. Indonesia is the #3 liquified natural gas exporter in the world, and Susandi posits that natgas capacity could last up to 40 years, but when you factor in LNG export commitments, that's an increasingly lopsided generation scenario that no country should want to bet the house on.

Indonesia needs to bring into balance its vast renewable resources (including 33,000 MW of geothermal potential), with environmental protection laws, local preferences, and international norms.

None of that is easy, but right now Indonesia is falling behind Asian neighbors like Malaysia and Vietnam that have much smaller populations. Every second of waiting is another second slipping back from the Asian energy elite.

by Sam Hopkins


"Loosen Up And Relax This Summer With A Extravagance Tour To Bintan"

09.01 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 0 Responses
If you are in Singapore and want to spend a peaceful tour in Indonesia, then take a ferry to Bintan. Bintan resorts offer an ideal spot to unwind and get away from the demanding dull life of Singapore. Bantam resort is a 40-minute ferry ride from Singapore.

A Bintan resort is a city state of Singapore in name and has manicured lawns, luxurious hotels and beautiful seashores. The only leisure at Bintan resorts is soothing on the beaches, swimming and dabbling in water sports or playing golf. The hotels at the resort are very well built and of the highest standards.

You can get to the resorts by bus, which meets the ferry, or you can rent a car or hire a taxi. All fees are charged in Singapore dollars and they are pretty high. There is not much to do at the resorts except you are into water sports or golf. Therefore, if you want to see the rest of Bintan, then visit the town region. Here you will be able to enjoy the local Indonesian every day life, get in some low-priced shopping, and experience local food. One piece of advice about Indonesian food, it is spicy and the spices can burn your throat so be cautious when ordering Indonesian food.

The rest of Bintan is separated from the resorts by wire fences, check posts, and guards. The closest town to go would be Tanjung Pinang. This is now the capital city of Riau Province and is growing at a quick pace. It's a port, a fishing village, and has an airport. As most of the old part of the city is built on stilts, you can stride around. You can hire a boat and take a tour to other islands. Tanjung Pinang is one of the cheapest places for shopping, and you can bargain and bargain for wooden handicrafts. Some of the antique shops are worth a trip. You can buy electronic goods, cameras, watches, CDs, and DVDs here. You can bargain for any item though they are priced pretty reasonable. In fact, they are much cheaper here than in Singapore.
There are a number of Buddhist temples and mosques to visit in Tanjung Pinang and on the nearby islands. There are food parks, and the seafood has to be tasted specially the crabs. Drinks are obtainable although Indonesia is a Muslim country and the 'double kiwi', which is a local brew, is worth a try. It comes colourless like vodka or with a murky whisky-like colour.

Hotels in Tanjung Pinang are cheaper then the hotels at Bintan Resorts. In some hotels, there is an extra cost for a room with a western style toilet. You can get around the city by bus, taxi, motorcycle taxis. Tanjung Pinang is a quaint city and you will get pleasure from your time over there.

There are spas that are being developed in Bintan Resorts and they offer a nice way of calming and soothing the nerves. They are cheaper than spas in Singapore. If you do any shopping at the resorts bear in mind the money will be charged in Singapore dollars, because only these are accepted here.

On a tour in Bintan, you should tour other islands in the Riau province and see the extinct and some active but resting volcanoes. There are infrequent volcano eruptions too in Indonesia.


"Diamond Rings : Glorify those memorable moments"

02.08 Reporter: Ichsan Pratama 0 Responses
An engagement between two people is a day when loyalties and commitments are pledged upon, and this special occasion is made complete with the help of antique diamond rings which is presented as a token of the pledge. The diamond has a symbolic nature when it comes to such occasions as rings are a symbol of commitment that represents the past, present and future fortunes of a relationship. Diamonds are unabashedly irresistible and it always offers the best of quality when it comes to excellence and style.

It is a pretty exciting activity when it comes to selecting a unique and priceless diamond ring among thousands of sleek designs that are present in the market. U can buy Diamond rings which are usually expensive owing to the rarity and uniqueness . But it is never an item that is totally out of reach. A little research could help a person to find an adequate ring that suites his or her budget.

Nowadays, there are numerous varieties of diamond rings as well. The popularity of these diamonds has been growing dramatically over the past few years. But a natural fancy coloured diamond is generally much more rare than a traditional white diamond. This always reflect in the cost of both these diamonds.

Rings made up of these coloured diamonds vary in cost, and the cost usually depends on its original colour and intensity. Similar to the traditional white diamonds, these colour diamonds also posses all the features which make them so ideal for engagements.

Other than the pink, red and black engagement rings, there are many other colourful rings that come in yellow, purple, green, violet, orange, grey, blue and various shades of brown which may or may not be studded with gold and silver, according to the colour. Along with this the versatile stone sapphire, always looks brilliant with diamonds. The brilliant contrast between the magnificent sapphire and sparkling diamonds give the ring an elegant and lively look.

One may also choose those kinds of rings which are made of metals like white gold, yellow gold or platinum, along with titanium and palladium for occasions like 'Valentines Day'. Red is the rarest colour for diamonds which is followed by green. These colourful diamonds works wonders with jazzy colourful dresses.

There is a fifty-fifty chance that one may get confuse, when it comes to making out the quality of diamonds as they are very precious and are always selected for special occasions. Some of the most reliable brands in this field are Asmi, Diya, 'D'damas, Sangini as well as Gem Selection. Asmi has a wide collection of the latest designs in diamond gold rings and Diya has a fabulous collection of sleek and stylish designs. Diamond rings always make a unique and perfect gifts for her for any occasion and for any one, may it be one's mother, lover, sister or friend, it always makes a brilliant gift. One way to gain enough knowledge about the prices of such rings can be through the web.

Different coloured diamonds have different processes to achieve before it is finalised for sale. Green diamonds are formed when it is exposed to radiation, while it forms under the earth's crust. Orange diamonds get their colour due to the presence of nitrogen and carbon. Pink and brown diamonds are mostly mined from the Argyle diamond mines in Australia. Some coloured diamonds are mined in South Africa, Brazil, and Venezuela.

by Shefali Roy


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